David Silverman

Posted by: Judith Keene

David is a Certified TAB Facilitator and Coach with The Alternative Board™. He coaches business owners and leaders to confidently see around corners to identify new opportunities and impending challenges by offering C-Suite executives a powerful, streamlined program that includes peer advisory boards, one-on-one coaching, workshops, expert speakers, robust business tools and invaluable TAB connections. …

Knight Hinman

Posted by: Christen Roberts

From my early years as an entrepreneur, through my sales career in the insurance industry, and now with BBSI I have had a passion for growing business by creating loyal client relationships based on trust and respect. As a sales leader, I have mentored others by instilling in them a drive for excellence and together…

Christen Roberts

Posted by: Brad Friedman

Christen is a strategic technology advisor who works with business leaders, technical folks, and stakeholders in ensuring the right technology solution is matched to the initiative for successful outcomes. With a unique understanding of how these companies operate, she makes the process efficient and easy, saving time, money, and sanity for the clients she serves….

Kevin Waide

Kevin Waide

Posted by: Nancy Barlow

Kevin Waide is a Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist who began serving in his current position as the firm’s Managing Director of Business Acquisitions in 2009. Previous accomplishments included working in the financial arena, both public and private. He has served as Business Development Director for a large public accounting firm, working with over 1,100 different…

Joe Gregory

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Joe is a sales improvement expert with a focus on helping companies and people who sell get better and grow their sales. Joe has been in sales for more than 25 years, including high-level sales management and training positions. Over the years, he developed a number of successful selling programs used to coach sales professionals and he…

George Tyler

Posted by: Nancy Barlow

George Tyler has developed the only consulting practice that focuses on strategic alliances and the implementation of the powerful Alliance CompassTM to accelerate global revenue growth. Having spent 25 years developing alliances, George created the Alliance Compass to help companies serve their customers with strategic alliance partnerships and channels of distribution. Using assessment tools and…