Doug Phelps

Colorado Home Realty

Doug Phelps serves on the BRAG Board of Directors and is the Secretary. 
Doug, a Broker Associate with Colorado Home Realty is in the family’s relocation business, helping wonderful people find the right ”base camp for life” — home — where the stories of their lives play out. The purchase or sale of a home is among the most personal of decisions. Real people and real families going through one of the most emotional transitions of their lives, involving the most valuable asset they own. The process is complicated. Doug’s role is to lead and assist sellers and buyers to make wise decisions, for a fast, easy, complete, and rewarding experience. Delivering what they want most — a partner, an ally, an advocate. Helping make home happen.
His other interests:
Golf (single-digit-handicap competitive golfer), singer (tenor), singing, acting, directing, community theatre, walking, reading, biking, writing, praying, traveling, coaching, networking, making a difference in the lives of people.