Teresa Adams-Nault, TDC, TDFC

The Talent Matchmaker

I am a talent matchmaker who ignites possibilities for women and men in business. Working in an exclusive space of my own creation that mixes personal empathy, precise data, and bold intuition, I connect people to their callings and companies to human solutions. 

I’ve dedicated my entire career to Talent Selection, Executive Search, and Talent Strategy. I know first-hand that when professionals feel motivated and fulfilled at work, it lights a fire within them that energizes their team, culture, and bottom line for the organizations they represent. 

I work with both the organization and the individual to create a symbiotic relationship that has proven to be highly effective and profitable. Looking holistically at the entire employee lifecycle, my services range from executive search, talent selection, hiring, executive career coaching, employee engagement, and turnover prevention. I leverage an arsenal of tools, like the Science of Self™, to ensure every new hire has the resources to apply the best of their unique skills and talents and a proven and patented job benchmarking tool that is EEOC and OFCCP compliant. From the organizational side, I transform unengaged and burned-out teams into thriving and fulfilling cultures, create highly effective systems for hiring, onboarding, re-boarding, career pathing and pinpoint sources of workplace stress to forever change an organization’s DNA. 

Today’s job market is a war on talent. By helping professionals find their calling – and teaching leaders how to hire, manage and integrate talented individuals into their cultures – together, we turn a national challenge into a sure-fire opportunity to better find and retain talent.